July 01st 2021

Rise and Dine

Breakfast is a time for nourishing body, mind and soul, and every stay at the Four Seasons promises an extraordinary meal at dawn. From the comfort of your hotel suite or the oasis of Tropical Restaurant’s garden setting, breakfast is a series of culinary presentations beautifully executed for the eyes and palate to savour. 

With every sunrise, breakfast at the Four Seasons communicates gastronomic expertise more than any other meal on the hotel grounds. It is an unmatched smorgasbord of flavours to satisfy every discerning palate. “We are proud to serve one of the most extensive breakfasts available in the international hotel market,” says Nick Aristou, Executive Director of the Four Seasons, “and we are determined to provide consistency in the variety and quality of our breakfast experience.”

Sunny Side Up
Regardless of your craving or eating regime, Tropical Restaurant is the gateway to a lavish morning menu that could easily match a royal banquet! Waiting to greet you is a myriad of offerings spread across seven buffet stations, filled with both wholesome and hearty suggestions. From daybreak, the hotel patisserie prepares handmade muffins, doughnuts, breads and other oven-based luxuries from scratch. For high-protein fanatics there is a dedicated delicatessen section with artisanal cured and smoked meats and cheeses to suit every palate. Animated chefs with pans in hand await requests for all kinds of omelettes with a host of tasty additions. They can be accompanied by many other hot dishes, ranging from poached fish to pancakes. The health-conscious eaters can feast their eyes on the fruit corner with tropical and local fruit, or the extensive selection of natural and fruit yoghurts, or the fresh honeycomb oozing with honey. With respect to different cultures, the buffet features international dishes such as the Greek bougatsa (a custard-cream filled pastry), quiches and pies of Northern Europe, Belgian waffles and Grechka (or kasha), a type of buckwheat that is a popular porridge in Russia. 

With each breakfast comes a culinary surprise, as the hotel patisserie decides on a delicacy of the day that is prepared at the cooking station and enjoyed fresh from the stove or the oven. Croissants, unusual breads or unique crepe recipes can be whipped up to enhance your plate. And to wash it all down, be sure to visit the ice bucket stacked with bottles of bubbly indulgence. 

Home Grown
The Four Seasons is also a proud supporter of the ‘Cyprus Breakfast’ initiative, a concept of the Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) that was launched in 2015. Leading hotels on the island actively support the CTO’s mission to showcase the rich cuisine of Cyprus that is intertwined with the island’s history and culture. A section of the buffet is dedicated to traditional local products that highlight the culinary heritage that lives on in the households and workshops of the island’s food crafters. This is your chance to explore homemade cured meats that are exclusive to Cyprus – such as hiromeri and lounza – and cheeses such as kefalotyri and anari. Taste popular pies that are typical welcome snacks in most Cypriot homes, such as bourekia (a sweet fried pastry) filled with halloumi, or tahinopitta, a pie flavoured with cinnamon and tahini. These authentic foods are presented along with information cards to enlighten you on the history and qualities of each Cypriot treat.

Bespoke Breakfast
For the Four Seasons’ chefs, the individual tastes and preferences of hotel guests are a source of inspiration for their breakfast portfolio. “Upon request, we create complimentary made-to-order dishes for our guests, courtesy of the hotel,” explains Nick. Once you are escorted to your chosen table, the waiter informs you of the day’s signature plates that can be specially prepared. “It can be poached eggs on your favourite kind of bread or Eggs Benedict for something a little more intricate,” says Food and Beverage Manager Yiannos Gregoriou. 
Any restrictions due to allergies, intolerances or specific nutrition plans? No problem. The hotel chefs are on standby to serve a personalised menu for the duration of your stay. “In such cases, the chef usually meets the guest upon arrival at the hotel to draft a daily plan that includes customised breakfast options,” says Yiannos. At the same time, niche ingredients are sourced and modified versions of breakfast items are prepared in order to meet specific dietary requirements. “We live in an age where an increasing number of guests avoid gluten products; so we do our best to source appropriate cereals or to prepare pancakes and croissants that are safe to eat but also rich in flavour. We have a full selection of non-dairy milk, from almond to coconut or soya for those who prefer to avoid lactose,” says Yiannos.
The hotel’s room service includes a breakfast menu in order to satisfy a desire for a more private and intimate morning meal. The simple completion of a form is your ticket to a breakfast surprise like no other! You can choose from a variety of breakfast menus that are easily adaptable to your tastes and preferences. A user-friendly form allows you to leisurely design your breakfast by choosing your preferred cereal, type of omelette, flavour of yoghurt, or combination of fruits in a customised salad. Additional à la carte items will satisfy every appetite, ranging from Cypriot offerings of anari cheese with honey and walnuts to heartier servings such as steamed Norwegian salmon with Hollandaise sauce and asparagus. For a more exclusive and extravagant morning, the Royal Breakfast is a tantalising spread of home-smoked salmon, caviar, freshly prepared truffle omelette and Ruinart champagne, among other luxurious dishes. And to ensure that nobody misses out, baskets of treats are frequently prepared for early departures between four and seven a.m.