March 03rd 2022

Inside Story

Assistant Maître d’Hotel 

Marios Tsiouroutis wanted to work in hotels as far back as he can remember. And in 1993, fresh out of hotel school, the zealous young recruit kick-started that childhood dream, with his first job as a waiter at the Four Seasons Tropical Restaurant. The very same establishment in which, today – 27 years on – he is now Assistant Maître. 

His career journey – over what Marios fondly calls “a lifetime” – at the hotel has seen this natural hospitality professional hone his innate skills across various departments. and Marios loves that his new role provides an opportunity to build real relationships and genuine connections with customers – especially the large number of repeat guests, many of whom Marios now considers friends. “With me, this friendliness is genuine and authentic,” he says. “I really care about the guests, and they can feel it. I want them to see this as their second home.”

A primary point of contact at breakfast, lunch or dinner, Marios can usually be found greeting guests with a smile and his signature: “Kalimera, pos eise?” (‘Good morning how are you?’). Watching him oversee the buffet stations and service stations, it is clear that hospitality comes naturally to Marios. But his passion for his work is equally matched by an innate curiosity and fervent desire to continue learning.

“The hotel is my school, and my teachers are my colleagues,” Marios reveals. “They inspired my own management style: I always want to help my staff feel good about their work; I build them up through positive feedback, help them develop as professionals.”

Marios’ team typically begin their Tropical workday with a get-together to catch up and make sure everyone is well. And Marios, who sees himself first as a friend and then as a boss, prides himself on having a strong team who can both communicate openly and count on each other – and on him – for support. 

This care and concern for one another, suggests Marios, extends throughout the Four Seasons; and he believes guests can discern this considerate, compassionate approach in the notoriously approachable style of service. In fact, he frequently refers to the hotel team as “one big family”! 

But Marios has his own, relative, connection within the hotel: While Marios’ mother worked for many years as a respected cook in the hotel’s kitchens, his son is currently employed in the minibar and room service department – making for a true hotel family. “I’m very proud that the next generation is following in my footsteps,” Marios smiles. “It feels good to know that this Four Seasons hospitality legacy is continuing.” 

As a father to four children, Marios spends his spare time with his family and keeping fit. But he admits that the hotel numbers amongst his great loves, and he credits the establishment with making his dreams come true. “I love the Four Seasons so much,” he says, smiling ear to ear. “I feel this hotel is my home away from home, and I do my best to make sure our guests feel exactly the same!”