April 15th 2022

Easter specialties at Colors Cafe

Add the flavours and aromas of our signature flaounes, tsourekia and Easter eggs to your home celebrations.

All our chocolate items will be available from Saturday 16/04/22 at the Colors Cafe.  Flaounes and Tsourekia will be available for sale from Friday 22/04/22. For pre-orders please call us at 25858285

Traditional flaouna with or without raisins : €6.50

Almond Tsoureki: €12.00

Pistachio Tsoureki:€14.00

Hazelnut/chocolate Tsoureki: €14.00

Chestnut Tsoureki: €14.00

Chocolate Easter Bunny: €30.00

Chocolate Easter Eggs with nuts and candies: €27.00 – €30.00

Chocolate Easter Cake: €30.00