April 30th 2020

COVID-19 Measures

At the Four Seasons, the safety and security of our guests and team members has always been one of our highest priorities, now with Covid-19 in our lives for the long term, it will be even more so!

Coronavirus in Cyprus
Cyprus is currently in a higher state of Covid19 alert with the below restrictions for the whole country until the 13th of December. 
All restaurants and bars have to close by 19:00.  Restaurants and the Vista bar within the hotel can remain open for RESIDENTS only until 22:30 hrs, the Colors Café only until 19:00hrs. The Gym, Spa, pools and other leisure facilities will be operating for residents only. The hotels kindergarten facilities will remain closed until the 13th of December.
The compulsory curfew is now from 21:00 until 05:00 hrs. each day, all citizens must stay in their homes between these times. We recommend to our guests to ensure they are back at the hotel by 21:00 each evening.  Wearing of masks remains compulsory in both indoor and OUTDOOR PUBLIC SPACES, this means that if you go out anywhere, to shops, the ATM across the street, or a walk along the coastal promenade, you must wear your mask, (joggers and those doing sports are exempt). It is advisable to also wear your mask when moving around the hotel grounds, you can remove it once you are at your table or in your room.


1. In light of COVID-19, what steps is Four Seasons taking to help protect guests and employees? 
Here are some of the many new procedures we have introduced to protect you during the current COVID-19 crisis.

1. Team Members: All our team members receive regular training on the standards regarding COVID-19 health & safety protocols. Every member of staff will strictly comply with these protective measures which include hand hygiene, wearing masks indoors and outdoors and physical distancing. Employees will also be asked to stay home and seek medical attention if they, or someone in their household, has any COVID-19 symptoms.
2. Arrival: On arrival at the Four Seasons our staff will act as your guide, sensitively communicating all the hygiene measures so you can move around the hotel, knowing that you are being looked after with the greatest care.
3. Hygiene: Hand sanitizer, in touchless dispensers, are available in key places including: main entrance, reception, restaurant entrances, lockers, public toilets, meeting and event spaces, spas, pools and gym.
4. Medical Support: Any medical support required will be provided in line with government regulations. The hotel has ample first aiders on duty at all times and a designated Doctor on call 24 hrs., to provide assistance, including testing and health check services. Our team members have clear instructions for reporting any possible cases of COVID-19 to senior management and external authorities as required.
5. COVID-19 awareness: Information is available for guests on the tablets in all our rooms.
6. Cleaning & Disinfection: The disinfection frequency of all high touch points in the hotels public areas has been increased to once per hour. These areas include, but are not limited to: Reception counters, Concierge desk, lifts and lift buttons, door handles, public bathrooms, room keys & stair handrails. Guest bedrooms will be fully disinfected after every departure, prior to a new guest arriving.  
7. Cleaning Protocols: Our cleaning products and protocols meet specific guidelines for approved effective use against viruses and bacteria. When cleaning guest rooms, we pay particular attention to high-touch items. All bed & bath linen is washed at a high temperature. 
8. Facilities & Outlets: The Restaurants, Bars, Spa, pool areas, Gym and all other outlets will also observe physical distancing and comply with the current mandated occupancy limits. These areas will be disinfected regularly and after each use, including tables, seating, sun beds, massage beds and gym equipment. Menus will be digital on your personal smartphone via QR codes at every table. In-room dining will also continue to operate under new strict measures to ensure your safety.
9. Physical Distancing: Throughout the hotel, we adhere to the guidelines for proper physical distancing. Guests and employees must practice physical distancing whenever possible, by standing at least 2m away from people they are not travelling with.

We trust these actions will help put your mind at ease and although we have taken all these measures, there will not be any perceptible changes to your holiday experience at our hotel. In fact, this year there will be more space for you to relax, reward yourselves and enjoy the experience! 


2. If one of us became ill with COVID, what are the hotels self isolating rules, can we stay at the hotel, or would we need to move? 
In the case that a hotel guest develops symptoms and is a suspected CV19 case whilst at the hotel, that person and their travelling companions have to immediately self isolate in their rooms and await arrival of state medical services who will test and confirm whether they are positive or not. If they are positive they will be transferred to the quarantine facility in Limassol and will remain there for 14 days. The expenses for this will be born by the Cyprus government. The patient will bear only the cost of amending their return flight tickets. All the rooms in the hotel are fully disinfected between departure of guests and arrival of new guests.

3. What are the changes around the pool area we should expect, is access to use the pool limited?
Around the pool Sunbeds will be further apart with 4 metres between umbrellas and 2 metres between pairs of sunbeds or family groupings. The hotel occupancy from November onwards will be low so there will be plenty of space available for guests to keep physical distancing and this will apply to bathers in the pool as well. At the moment we cannot serve guests at the pool bar, drinks are ordered and brought to the sunbeds, or guests will be able to sit at the tables next to the Pool bar and be served drinks.

4. What changes to restaurants should we expect, limited availability? 
Seasons Oriental and the Tropical Restaurant are operating with reduced availability and opening times. At the Tropical we will not have buffets for lunch and dinner, just a la carte, breakfast will be a la carte also until we surpass 200 guests, then we will start a buffet but with appropriate measures, traffic flow, more live cooking, more items individually portioned and more assisted service along with changing of service utensils every 20 minutes. All staff in the hotel will wear masks, it is obligatory for guests to do so as well when walking through the hotels public areas.
*Due to stricter Covid 19 measures announced by the Cyprus government we unfortunately have to close the Vivaldi by Mavrommatis until the 13th of December*

5. What changes to the Kindergarten should we expect?
The Four Seasons Kindergarten will be open daily between 10:00-19:00 for children 3-12 years old. The maximum number of persons allowed in the kids club at a time is 20. Parents can enter the Kindergarten only during drop off and pickup of their child, unless there is an emergency and permission from the hotel management; our team of experts in compliance with all security and safety regulations will supervise the kids club at all times. In case you would like to make a reservation for a specific time slot/activity our Kids Club’s team will be pleased to assist you. *Due to stricter Covid 19 measures announced by the Cyprus government we unfortunately have to close the Kindergarten facilities until the 13th December*