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Shiseido KUROHO Boby Polish (45 min)

A thorough body exfoliation to exquisitely and expertly cleanse, polish and leave your body luxuriously smooth. Concluding with an application of Shiseido's replenishing body cream.
€ 80.00

Japanese scalp and shoulders massage (45 mins)

This beauty treatment wil reawaken the senses giving incredible tension relief through delicate massage and specific pressure points.
€ 90.00

Shiseido Body Sculpting Massage (60 min)

This body massage targets cellulite and local water retention, to help stimulate the senses and refine your silhouette.
€ 150.00

Shiseido Hip Leg & Thigh Sculpt(45 min)

This specialised treatment soothes legs and feet and reduces uncomfortable sensation. Your silhouette will also feel more refined and sculpted.
€ 100.00

Shiseido Qi Body Massage (60 min)

East meets West, a combination eastern traditions and western style techniques, this massage offers a complete indulgence for the mind, body and soul. Unique Japanese techniques allow for positive energy flow, stimulating tsubo points and allowing the channels of energy to flow positively. Combined with hot Japanese 'oshibori' towels to enhance relaxation and allow skin preparation to receive Shiseido's advanced Body products leaving you silky smooth & blissfully balanced.
€ 120.00

Shiseido Spa Serenity (150 min)

A wonderfully indulgent body, face and scalp treatment. Starts with Japanese foot bath ritual to relax and unwind followed by the decadent Qi body massage performed with the Qi body cream to stimulate tsubo energy points and restore balance and calmness to the entire body 'Oshibori', Japanese hot towels made of woven cotton, are applied to give a sensation of warmth and enhance the overall, pleasure of deep relaxation before our Japanese Scalp and Shoulders Massage and concluding with an Express Facial, A top-to-toe Spa indulgence.
€ 270.00