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€0 Price range: €200
Starting with a consultation and aroma test to choose the oil most suitable for you, this massage ritual is drawn from a fusion of eastern and western techniques and works from your head to your toes, helping to release tension held in every part of your body leaving you feeling deeply relaxed and recharged.
It may be taken as a 60 minute or 90 minute massage ritual. In the longer treatment extra attention is given to the facial massage.
€ 120.00

The Ultimate Detox Reviver (120min)

The ultimate trilogy of body brushing, exfoliation and mud mask stimulate lymph, remove dead skins cells and re-mineralise the skin. The perfect therapy when you are dieting, feeling sluggish and lacking energy, this invigorating treatment will leave you truly revitalised and your skin will appear bright, smooth and silky.
€ 200.00

Sleep Deeply Massage (120min)

This head to toe ritual uses carefully applied massage techniques to induce a serious state of relaxation. This deeply sedating full body, face & scalp massage works on all aspects of physical, mental and emotional stress, helping to balance the nervous system and ease an overactive mind. 
€ 200.00