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Anne Semonin - Ultimate Facial Collection

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€0 Price range: €180

Exquisite Miracle Eyes AS (45 min)

An exquisite facial treatment specifically designed for the delicate eye area brings together a unique combination of contour masks and specialized lymphatic massage, ideal for reducing the signs of ageing and melting away stress. Cryotherapy ice cubes diminish puffiness and refresh the eyes. Finally, a divine application of the miracle eye cream completes the total eye care experience

€ 80.00

Ultimate Skin Renew (60 min)

Peeling, Rejuvenating, Smoothing

This medically inspired therapy brings together the gentle peeling action of Resurfacing Peel Mask with a deeper exfoliation from the magic Resurfacing Serum. Working in synergy, the non-irritant formula softens visible imperfections on the skins surface, such as pigmentation and spots and diminishes wrinkles. Luxurious yet powerful, when used regularly, this treatment truly is the ultimate transformation for visibly younger and more radiant skin.

€ 120.00

Cryo Time Freeze (75 min)

Immediate Toning, Radiance, Brightness

A flawless skin brightening experience, this face and eye treatment uses the age defying effects of cryotherapy with Super Active Serum to reinforce the skin's firmness at a cellular level. Complemented by a neurocosmetic containing Wild Indigo this elegant touch stimulates the release of B-endorphins, flooding the body with a total sense of well-being.
€ 145.00

Marine Mineral Purifier (90 min)

Deep Cleansing, Decongesting, Remineralising 

Traditional steam and extraction techniques combine with the power of marine elements resulting in a deeply purifying facial spa treatment. The advanced Anne Semonin peel off mask, with the highest concentration of minerals and algae, leaves the skin instantly calmed, decongested, and silky smooth.
€ 155.00

Ultimate Experience Age Protect (90 min)

Nourishing, Revitalising, Radiance 

A ritual that delivers an experience as individual as you. Bespoke blending of aromatic essences and trace elements combine with a tailored eye, face and décolleté treatment to perfectly balance, hydrate and revitalize, while offering the ultimate in skin protection. Unsurpassed at revealing the skin's true radiant beauty, it is the complete facial spa treatment, designed to address your every need.
€ 180.00

Precious Pearl Ultra Lift (90 min)

Anti-ageing, Regenerating, Radiance enhancing

This ultimate wrinkle-fighting spa facial treatment will restore the skin's lack of firmness and tone leaving your skin and face contours in top condition. Including a series of comprehensive lifting and drainage massage techniques that are a godsend for those suffering from tight facial muscles and a tired complexion. The perfect remedy for mature lacklustre skin.
€ 180.00