November 08th 2021

The Warmest Welcome

Radiating warmth and bursting with energy from the moment they greet their guests, they share the common goal of making sure that every moment of a guest’s stay surpasses their expectations. From personal touches, to fostering lifelong friendships, Andreas and Evelyn are guaranteed to make your experience at the Four Seasons entirely unforgettable . 

Integral to the smooth running of the hotel, the Guest Relations Team goes the extra mile to offer a personalized touch that guests appreciate, and it is something that sets the Four Seasons apart. 

“At the Four Seasons, every team member manages ‘guest relations’ to varying capacities,” explains Executive Director Nick Aristou. “But as our international clientele grew, we realized that we needed a dedicated team who would always be on the scene, looking after our guests and, most importantly, speaking their language.” Integral to the smooth running of the hotel, the Guest Relations Team offers a personalized touch that guests appreciate, and it is something that sets the Four Seasons apart. “We take the time to study our guests, and get to know them. This makes them feel valued, and at the same time, helps us to serve them better. We are the first hotel to deliver such experiences as complimentary hosted excursions, and we are constantly on the lookout for new ways to enhance our guest experience offerings.” 

Leading the Team 

With 23 years of Front Office experience under his belt, Andreas was the driving force behind the creation of the Guest Relations Team. “When I was at the Front Desk,” he explains, “I was always outside, greeting and chatting with guests. I loved it, and they loved me!” And with his jovial demeanour, it’s not hard to see why guests would immediately take a liking to Andreas. A position was therefore created for Guest Relations Manager, which would soon expand to two.

A genuine people person at heart, Andreas is fiercely dedicated to ensuring that every guest is having the best time possible, and will go above and beyond to find solutions to any guest conundrum. This has led to his receiving numerous awards for his service, including the prestigious Award for Excellence at the Cypria Hospitality Awards, which recognizes and commends hospitality professionals who have taken admirable action beyond the call of duty.
His boundless energy and willingness to go all out is particularly apparent in the complimentary excursions he organizes for small groups of guests to nearby villages. “This is not your average tour,” he explains. “It’s more like a group of friends going out and having a good time, all while learning a little bit about the history of our island.” We offer a true local experience for guests of all ages and all nationalities, and so many guests come back and repeatedly ask for these excursions.” 

“I might not be as multilingual Evelyn, but the language of friendship is universal!” laughs Andreas. And indeed, the friendships he has cultivated with guests over the years have become some of his most cherished. 

A Multilingual Powerhouse

Cypriot-Lebanese native Evelyn Ibrahim is the newest member of the Guest Relations team, and her multilingualism makes her a valuable asset both to the team as well as the hotel. She is fluent in five languages – Russian, English, Greek, French and Arabic, and this proficiency, combined with her exuberant, bubbly personality make her instantly endearing to guests. “It’s important to be able to speak to a guest in their language; you build a rapport that immediately makes them feel comfortable and encourages them to communicate with us openly. This helps us make a stronger connection and gain greater insights so that we can offer guests everything they could ever hope for.” Evelyn fully embraces the concept of going the extra mile to ensure guests feel comfortable, and she always goes home at the end of the day with a smile. “Knowing that I connected with people and made a difference in their stay, it makes it all worth it.” 

As for the trick to ensuring guest satisfaction, Evelyn explains that there is no one single recipe. “Every guest is unique, and we treat them as such. We get to know their habits, their likes, their dislikes, and they appreciate that we take the time to do this.” There is no such thing as a typical day for Evelyn and Andreas. “From the moment we set foot in the hotel, we are on the go. We greet guests, we ask them about their plans and respond to any requests they may have. Then, throughout their stay, we touch base with them, whether it’s sitting down for a coffee or making sure their favourite table is reserved for them in our restaurants. We are, in fact, everywhere!” she says. It is a policy that certainly reaps rewards, as evidenced by the Four Seasons remarkable rate of repeat guests – more than 55 percent.