March 14th 2022

Mediterranean Mastery

Vivaldi by Mavrommatis is the hotel’s classic where tradition and innovation intertwine in a culinary dialogue. This season unites the executive chef and the sommelier in a subjective conversation with their food and wine pairing shortlist. Experience the renowned notes and bouquets of Italy and Greece to immaculate local vintages: indigenous Cyprus varieties replete with the mastery of generations.


Scarlet Fever
Vivaldi’s selection of game demands wines with depth in both body and aftertaste, and Cypriot reds do not disappoint in this respect. The native varieties cultivated at Vouni Panayia demonstrate the mastery at work in the high-altitude vineyards of the Paphos forests. Their small lot fermentations across 25 hectares benefit from the relatively cooler and wetter climate of the western part of Cyprus. The secret to their successful bouquet of flavours is that the vines are planted on their original roots dating back to the 18th century. The result is an impressive expanse of Cyprus reds, specifically Maratheftiko, Yiannoudi and Mavro. ‘O Perivolaris’ of 2019 is the winery’s exclusive interpretation of the Mavro grape, the native dark-skinned crop of Cyprus. Its high tannin content means that Mavro is easily absorbed by fatty dishes of duck, rib-eye, and other succulent meats.

Forage and Feast
This succulent pan-seared duck delights the tastebuds as it rests on a riverbed of flavours with its hazelnut crust and the parsnip gnocchi and purée. Vouni Panayia’s Perivolaris perfectly balances the gamey taste of the dish with its intense aromatic qualities. 

Terrain Supreme
Among the foothills of the Troodos mountains are vines dedicated to the world’s most famous white grape. Kyperounda is one such winery that offers a rather beautiful expression of the Chardonnay variety. There is a reason for its longevity on the wine scene – relatively dry, medium-bodied, emanating fresh, crisp notes and flavours that shift dramatically during the aging process. This French classic is heavily influenced by the climate and terroir in which it is grown; the geological make-up of Cyprus offering a unique set of favourable conditions. The lower water content of the island’s clay soils allows good quality grapes that provide the richness and consistency commonly associated with the world’s best Chardonnays. Fermented and matured in oak barrels, the Kyperounda Alimos rendition of 2011 is a beautiful example of cellar evolution, and it marries beautifully with herb-infused seafood. 

Garden of Eden
This seafood temptation of pan-seared scallops and squid is served within a delicious coriander pesto broth and seasonal vegetables. Kyperounda’s Chardonnay adds the finishing touch to the palate to create a legendary paradise of flavour.

 White Wonder
‘Microvinification’ is the term coined for the labours of love created by boutique wineries. These are small scale viticulture projects in which producers nurture experimental batches of wine in a series of meticulous trials, commonly working with ancestral varieties in an attempt to discover and explore the signature qualities of otherwise forgotten fruit. The smaller the harvest, the easier it is for the sample to oxidise and fail, and this challenge lends greater value to these exclusive, valuable labels. Vouni Panayi is one such winery that demonstrates passion, respect and dedication to their single vineyards through their microvinification series. Their exclusive Xyrika 2018 label is the story of the Kyriakides family, and their quest to master the indigenous Xynisteri grape from generation to generation; the Cypriot word ‘Xyrika’ referring to grapes cultivated more organically without the support of irrigation methods. The result is around 600 bottles of zesty freshness and delicacy that effortlessly elevate vegetarian and fish recipes.

Bubble Wrap
Monkfish wrapped in Swiss chard sits on a delectable medley of chickpeas, carrot and celery. The creamy tahini and oyster sauce is offset by the acidic accents of Vouni Panayia’s sensational Xyrika white. 

Liquid Gold
Morokanella is a relatively unexplored Cypriot variety that has recently acquired a rightful prominence on local and international wine lists. It’s difficult to define its composition in simple terms – perfumed but discrete, zesty and yet packed with herbal elements. In comparison to the more established Xynisteri variety, Morokanella successfully balances citrus notes with a fruity aroma to create a smooth and controlled finish. Accents of lemon and lime create a bold acidic punch and, together with the mineral backbone and the green fruit bouquet, there is a delightful all-round complexity. This richness of taste offers the right weight and length in flavour to compliment Vivaldi’s introductory plates, which include seafood, white-sauce pastas, and lighter salads. The wine list introduces Ktima Gerolemo’s reputable 2020 take on this multi-faceted wine variety. 

Treasure Island
A bed of cauliflower couscous boasts a bounty of langoustines wrapped in kadaifi and basil leaf, finished by the gold dust of ouzo-infused cauliflower condiment. Ktima Gerolemo’s Morokanella is the liquid gem that tops it all in taste and texture.